Our Mission

Since 2005, we have worked with the Ateneo on high impact projects to break the cycle of poverty in the Philippines. FEED 25 is designed by FDMS and Academy students with guidance provided by ACED’s coordinators.

FEED 25 has three main objectives:

1) teach students how to design and implement a social justice project for other students around important social and Catholic based principles.

2) to provide donations to feed malnourished children attending ACED sponsored public schools in the Philippines.

3) to provide a FEED 25 model for other schools in our region and nationally, using our platform and our student coordinators as “teacher trainers.”

Why we do it: We want to work with a carefully designed model for changing systems that remove barriers to poverty and open access to school. Given our close ties with ACED and our historical association with the Ateneo around this important social initiative, we believe we can learn how to develop systems that change communities. One barrier to learning is hunger. ACED designed and volunteer supported kitchens produce a highly nutritious meal for the cost of approximately 25 cents per meal.